juvenile representation

Our defense attorneys work with law students to provide Crossover Youth (youth involved in both the foster care system and criminal system) the best defense to their cases, as well as to identify and address issues which may have contributed to the occurrence of the offense and interfere with rehabilitation.

Our founder

DAVID DOW, Director of Texas Innocence Network, Professor of Law at the University of Houston Law Center

YOUTH mentorship

JCAP partners with First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston to provide individualized mentorship to eighth graders at the Lawson Academy, a charter school in the nearby Third Ward.  Learn how you can become a JCAP mentor to local "at risk" and economically disadvantaged youth here.

Juvenile and Capital Advocacy Project of Texas

Juvenile record sealing

JCAP provides free legal services for the sealing of juvenile misdemeanor and felony records, having represented over 400 clients with a 100% sealing success rate. If you or someone you know is in need of record sealing or expunction, please contact us here.

OUR History

2000 - David Dow founds Texas Innocence Network, Texas' oldest innocence network, at the University of Houston Law Center

2014 -
David Dow recognizes the need for juvenile specialization and establishes Juvenile and Capital Advocacy Project at the University of Houston Law Center

2016 - Juvenile and Capital Advocacy Project of Texas celebrates successful representation of over 200 clients in Harris County

- Supported by a grant from the Simmons Foundation, JCAP developed a direct representation program for dual status youth. 

2018 - JCAP celebrates successful representation of over 400 clients and begins new initiative providing direct representation to juveniles in juvenile court and in school disciplinary proceedings for disciplinary infractions in public schools. 

In the course of doing this work, I’ve concluded that if my client had a legal and social support network when he had been much younger or in middle school, he wouldn't have ended up as my client...Kids in Texas particularly who get arrested or charged with nickel and dime felonies when they’re a juvenile and commit what are just youthful missteps can be haunted by them for the rest of their lives. What we’re doing is fishing in the pond.